Social status and function of the individual is the equation of the relationship between the group and the individual member…It thus makes comprehensible and rational individual existence from the point of the group, and group existence from that of the individual.

support and uplift asian americans stop the hate
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Lack of social status and function, and absence of a functional relationship between society and individual are at the bottom of every persecution of minorities which either are without social status and function — that is, not integrated into society (like the Negro in America) — or are made the scapegoat for the lack of integration in society (like the Jew in Nazi Germany).

The asocial, uprooted, unintegrated individual appears not only as irrational but as a danger; he is a disintegrating, a threatening, a mysteriously shadowy force. It is not coincidence that so many of the great myths — the Wandering Jew, Dr. Faustus, Don Juan — are myths of the individual who has lost or repudiated social function and status.



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